The management of the LADIS comes under the division Datamanagement Care at IVZ. At the LADIS there are a couple people active, with each specific areas of attention:

  • collection of data
  • contact with applicationmanagers of institutions
  • contact with suppliers
  • quality contol of the supplied data
  • processing an databasemanagement
  • analysis and realisation of the output
  • ad-hoc queries and realisation of reports
  • European contacts and file submission


In the context of protection of privacy, IVZ works closely together with ZorgTTP. They act as a Trusted Third Party within the set-up LADIS psuedonym-chain. Beside that, there is a close cooperation with the Trimbos Institute on the area of data exchange. This concerns the National Drugs Monitor in particular.

The LADIS database exists merely out of anonymous information. Privacy sensitive data are anonimised at the source, the institutions. Data of clients are to be followed throughout the years. This is possible because a number of unique client features have been made in to pseudonyms. The pseudonyms are not to be redirected to the concerning person.